Core Research Facilities

WSU Health Sciences in Spokane has the following research core facilities on its campus. The facilities were partially funded by grants from the Health Sciences and Services Authority of Spokane County (HSSA).


Contact Shuwen Wang, director, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 509-368-6571, Read more.

Mass Spectometry

Mass Spectrometry is considered the gold standard in drug and metabolite analysis, with the advantages being its ability to detect drugs/metabolites at very low concentrations, its ability to distinguish a specific drug/metabolite from all other compounds in a biologic sample, and its speed, meaning a short turnaround time for results. Read more. Request for Sample Analysis


The capability of confocal microscopy is performing optical sectioning of thick biologic samples (tissues or cells) and three-dimensional reconstruction of images that are collected. Read more.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a powerful technique for investigating the structure of molecular entities, primarily those in solution, by radio-frequency interrogation of the sample held in a powerful magnetic field. NMR has been used extensively in drug screening and lead identification. Read more. Request for Sample Analysis